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“Create an app for social good” workshop

“Create an app for social good” workshop

For the third time, Riyada for Social Innovation participated in the one-of-a-kind Girls got IT initiative which aims to empower girls and encourage them to pursue careers in engineering and technology. In the 5th edition which took place in Tyre, South of Lebanon, Riyada hosted 30 girls ages 15-17 for a four-hour workshop. Through the workshop, the girls learned about the UN 2030 goals and worked in teams to choose problems we face in our communities that they are passionate about. Each team created a design for a mobile application that attempts to alleviate the problem they chose and started implementing the app on MIT App Inventor. The chosen topics were unemployment, medical emergency help, sexual harassment, sex education, and cyber bullying. At the end of the workshop a representative from each team presented the idea and the app and two girls won valuable prizes for their efforts.

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