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Anti-bullying hackathon

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In collaboration with No Label NGO, Riyada for Social Innovation SAL organized a hackathon for teens 15+ on anti-bullying at The Olive Grove Beirut. Around 20 high school students spent 1.5 days searching for solutions to the bullying problem, prototyped their ideas, pitched in front of jury members, and one lucky team won medals. All participants received certificates from Riyada for Social Innovation SAL.


“Innovate against Bullying” is the first anti-bullying hackathon in Lebanon championed by No Label NGO and Riyada for social innovation. The hackathon targets youth of ages 15-20.
It engages them in the process of developing innovative solutions against bullying in 1.5 days.

What is a Hackathon?

Derived from hacking and marathon, a hackathon is a fast-paced competition where participants work hard to find a solution to a given problem. Usually hackathons include a technology component but this is not a must.

Why Bullying?

1- Bullying is a SERIOUS topic, understated in Lebanon

2- Bullying leaves the students, not only the victim or the bully, with years of emotional effects

3- Bullying spans over more than the students, it is the parents, school and teachers too.

4- We still have NO data on Bullying in Lebanon, but we know that ¼ cases psychological cases in Lebanon is associated with Bullying.

5- We all should work towards creating a safe environment for the students, every day!


1- Come up with solutions to increase awareness and prevention of bullying through youth led ideas

2- Integrate creativity as the driver of the youth lead solutions. Technology is a plus!

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